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About Us

Dog Tired was founded in 2010 by two mothers with a shared frustration of fruitless pyjama shopping trips for their six children.

Over a cup of tea and a garibaldi biscuit or two, we came up with their version of what the pyjama market was lacking: beautifully made, soft, organic cotton pyjamas.

Dog Tired's collection is thoughtfully designed and beautifully made in the United Kingdom and Turkey. We really care ensuring our products are made ethically and sustainably, and all our packaging is recyclable.


Need to get in touch?

Contact us here.


Where else are Dog Tired Pyjamas stocked?

Our products are also stocked on our Etsy store. If you are interested in becoming a stockist, please get in touch.


What does the phrase 'Dog Tired' mean?

The phrase 'dog tired' comes from the time of Alfred the Great; his sons would go out with his hunting dogs, and come home at the end of the day 'dog tired' but pleased with their victory. One thousand years later and we still all know that feeling of being 'dog tired' - and even if hunting is not really your thing, our pyjamas are perfect for cuddling up in after a weary day at school or work.


Who is the dog behind Dog Tired Pyjamas?

Halle, our bearded collie, has been the face of our business since we started. Thirteen years old, fiercely loyal and with a mane to be proud of, she can usually be found lying in a warm spot at Dog Tired HQ.