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Why Organic Cotton Pyjamas?

Non-organic cotton production not only damages the environment, but causes an estimated 20,000 deaths and 3 million chronic health problems each year in developing countries.

Here at Dog Tired Pyjamas, we are constantly striving to be  eco-friendly in every aspect of our business.

We only use organic cotton in the manufacture of every single garment we produce. By solely using organic cotton, we hope to reduce the impact we have on the environment and the lives of others.

Our fabric is manufactured in Turkey - often by the same farmers who grew the cotton to make it. The factories in which our pyjamas are made are all located in Turkey and the United Kingdom, where high standards of health and safety and employee welfare are practiced in the workplace.

This ethos extends to our packaging. Our postage boxes, packing tape, gift boxes, product bags, swing tags and promotional leaflets are all recyclable.